Does every small business actually need a website? Yes. While not every business has a global audience, today’s consume expects to find your online presence. Websites replace the yellow pages of old, so at a minimum your site that provides the basic information of what you do, and where and when you do it. Unlike the yellow pages, hosting a website is tens to hundreds of times less expensive, making it cost-effective advertising to prospective clients. Beyond that, the meat, bones, bells and whistles depend on your business’ needs. Start thinking about the “Three R’s” of web design, then get in touch:


Modern analytics and visitor tracking tools make it easy to figure out the source of your customers. If you sell a product online when 85% of your customers find you through a smart phone/tablet, you need to make navigating a breeze in that limited screen space. We’ll meet before the site is built determine the scope of your needs and make suggestions. We communicate each step of the way, before, during and after the process.


Your site should fulfill your needs. Some sites represent online business cards, but others solve problems or make money — your site should work for you, and pay for itself.


Your site creates a bond between you and your clients, be it from making a purchase, or through the expertise demonstrated in your blog. Relationships are central to your success and ours, and we maintain ours even after finishing your site. We educate and train you to use your site to its fullest potential and stay as involved and on-call as you need us to be.

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